Aneko Automation Engineering Services

The complexity and requirements of the processes of food and drinks production, as well as the large quantities of associated information management, makes the use of technology essential.

The full automation of the processes is the only way to ensure security, consistent quality, maximum performance, minimum operating costs and maximization of the performance indices.

Aneko offers automation engineering solutions using technologies suited to your process, in order to fulfil these premises and always achieving the client's total satisfaction.

Conceptual, basic and detail engineering. Feasibility studies. Development of the functional description of the system (SFD)

Preparation of control and power distribution boards. Mounting, wiring and connection of instruments and devices.

RTU/PLC/DCS and SCADA/HMI programming and configuration, depending on the chosen platform.

Reporting systems configuration for the proper documentation and analysis of the data generated.

Implementation, support to production, local or remote monitoring of the implemented solution.

Comprehensive training of personnel responsible for maintenance, operation, monitoring and management of the plant.

Consulting / audit services

IT Services