High shear direct mixer


  • High power induction and high sear stator, which allows the system to greatly reduce mixing times, avoiding their agglomeration and achieving an homogeneous product.
  • Possibility to dissolve in line or by recirculating to a preparation tank equipped with a high efficiency agitator.
  • The powders can be dump into the hopper or they can be suctioned through a spear from its original container, leaving a clean workspace, without air suspended dust.


  • Dissolution of xanthan gum, guar gum, CMC, among others.
  • Preparation of sugar syrup, glucose, malto dextrin, lactose and other derivatives.
  • Pre mixes for ice creams, yoghurts and dairy desserts.
  • Flavored and chocolate milk.
  • Dissolution of whey powder, caseins.
  • Reconstituted juice.
  • Brines preparation.
  • Activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth.
  • Preparation of agrochemicals.


High shear, high power induction direct centrifugal mixer, sanitary construction, in accordance with the current standards for plants that work with continuous and discontinuous processes.
It allows an efficient mixing of liquid with a wide variety of difficult to dissolve powdered components and/or viscous fluids, giving a very important solution in the food industry for special preparations, and in particular for the reconstitution of milk or other milk formulations.


  • Power: 11 to 22kw (Larger size upon request).
  • Capacity: Up to 48,000 LPH.
  • Sugar: 120 kg/min.
  • Milk powder: 40 to 70 kg/min.
  • CMC: 60 kg/min.
  • Pectin: 40 kg/min.

Examples of induction according to power:

  • Starch or sugar: 120 kg/min.
  • Milk powder: 40 to 70 kg/min.
  • Aerosil: 1.5 to 6.5 kg/min.


Process Safety

Materials in contact with the product are stainless steel AISI 304L / 316L, elastomers and other sanitary materials, ensuring an operation without possibility of contamination with a design that focuses on the highest standards of quality and sanitary.

Quick disassembly, minimum intervention time

A compact design thought for fast, easy maintenance, that helps minimize intervention times.

CIP Ready

Thought from its origin to be compatible with in-line CIP and designed to ensure a thorough cleaning.

  • Positive pump for recirculation.