Milk Standardization Unit


  • Ability to obtain cream with varying percentages of fat, standardized milk, skim milk and whole milk.
  • The unit allows to standardize continuous and accurately the content of fat in milk and cream.


Compact standardization unit, mounted over a stainless-steel structure located after the skimmer. Besides continuous standardized milk fat content control, this unit provides complete and contiouos control of fat in cream, which will be affected by flow variation. Control procedures adapt to different operation conditions, (start-up, peak production and closing) and comply with the specific requirements of the skimmer.


  • Capacity: Min. 5.000 L/h - Max. 60.000 L/h
  • Fat in cream percentage: Min. 25% - Max. 45%
  • Construction material: AISI 304 / 316
  • Percentage of cream in whole milk: Min. 0.5% - Max. 0.25% below raw milk.


In Line Standardization

It allows to standardize online continuously, saving time and money, simplifying the standardization in comparison with the use of batch tanks.

CIP Ready

Thought from its origin to be compatible with in-line CIP and designed to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Smallest footprint

Compact system designed to occupy as less space as possible in your plant, allowing greater use of the available floor space.

All the information, at any time

Constant data registry, exportable, filterable by production, with the possibility to access all the records of the equipment through the ethernet network from the device that the customer defines.

Constant standarization

The modulating valve system allows the constant standardization of cream and skim milk, even when the amount of milk fat varies continuously.