Continuous sugar dissolver module


  • The equipment has a separator of undissolved sugar crystals, which return to the dissolving tank to complete the process, always ensuring the best quality of syrup.
  • Easily to integrate to other process equipment. We can provide the complete solution, including sugar conveying, dissolution tank, filtering, product pasteurization, syrup discoloration, valve cluster for different consumers, etc.
  • Works with refined or not refined sugar, always maintaining the highest quality of product.


Contimix is a sugar dissolving system, completely automatic, for the continuous process of syrup. It can work with hot or cold dissolution, always achieving a homogeneous product with high accuracy in °Brix.


  • Capacity: 4.000 to 40.000 LPH.
  • Capacity range: 40 to 100%.
  • Dissolution Temperature: 25 to 90°C.
  • Syrup concentration: up to 72°Brix.
  • Precision: +- 0.15°Brix*.
  • Measurement variation: +-0.01°Brix.
  • Sugar intake: by screw or pneumatic.
  • Materials in contact with syrup: AISI 304 (Optional 316).

*Measured as standard deviation


CIP Ready

Thought from its origin to be compatible with in-line CIP and designed to ensure a thorough cleaning.

All the information, at any time

Constant data registry, exportable, filterable by production, with the possibility to access all the records of the equipment through the ethernet network from the device that the customer defines.

Modification controls

The edition of recipes is accessible by authorized operators that allows their creation and/or modification. This allows the simple creation and/or modification of recipes with flexibility. Optionally, it is possible to have a database with the extended history of the elaborations that have been carried out in the system.

No losses for system stops

Contimix has no losses for system stops. The system recognizes the value of °Brix out of range and recirculates to reach the set point through a switching valve.

Advanced automation

The advanced automation allows the system to identify anomalies in the process and react by means of self-adjusting corrective actions. This design feature allows the module to achieve a high level of flexibility in variable flowrate by means of a recipes system which involves the main parameters of the process, as flowrate, temperature, °Brix, among others. This allows to have a totalizer of sent product and state and description of stored alarms.

Easy operation

The process is controlled through the touch-screen provided by the equipment as HMI, from where all the operations can be carried out in a simple and intuitive way. Contimix has the option to replicate the screen and the operation of the equipment remotely via an installed PC in any area of the plant.