Beverage pasteurizer module


  • Balance tank for input of liquid to be treated.
  • Regeneration stage.
  • Heating temperature of pasteurization achieve using hot water and keeping a low temperature differencial.
  • High energy savings through the use of standard or wide stream heat exchangers with clip-on seals.
  • Multitube or one-tube tubular heat exchangers in the case of products with solids which percentage or size are greater than those supported by the plates.
  • In the case of any parameter not according to the value stored in the recipe, such as the pasteurization temperature, product is derived automatically to be processed again and the system automatically generates the corresponding alarm.
  • In case of non-carbonated beverages, it is possible for the final product, once treated, to be sent to the filler for packing in hot or cold (Cold filling/ambient filling/Hot filling).
  • Depending on the process, such as juices, it is also possible to integrate the system to a Saver Tank or a TkAseptic.

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Thermibev is a continuous heat treatment system mounted on a skid that can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual, designed to be easily integrated into any processing unit.


  • Flow Rates: 2.000 L/h to 50.000 L/h.
  • Materials: AISI 304L or AISI 316L (SMO254 or titanium for isotonic drinks).


All the information, at any time

Constant data registry, exportable, filterable by production, with the possibility to access all the records of the equipment through the ethernet network from the device that the customer defines.

CIP Ready

Thought from its origin to be compatible with in-line CIP and designed to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Easy operation

The process is controlled through the touch-screen provided by the equipment as HMI, from where all the operations can be carried out in a simple and intuitive way. Thermibev has the option to replicate the screen and the operation of the equipment remotely via an installed PC in any area of the plant.

Modifications Control

The edition of recipes is accessible by authorized operators that allows their creation and/or modification. This allows the simple creation and/or modification of recipes with flexibility. Optionally, it is possible to have a database with the extended history of the elaborations that have been carried out in the system.

  • AutoCIP: Integrated mini CIP plant for preparation of solutions.
  • Posibility to be designed to meet the FDA standard and PMO regulations.